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Keys To The New Place

Own Your Dream Home With Zippy Lending!

Homeownership can feel out of reach, but getting a loan with Zippy can help you make your dream a reality. Zippy’s Loan to Home process is fast, efficient, and available for various income levels and credit scores. Zippy Loans are available at 6 of our locations: Plover Meadows, Plover Pine Village, Riverlane, Osprey Mobile Home Community of Grafton, Mediterranean, and University Village Heights.

Enjoy more than the American Dream when you own a home:

  • Peace of mind for your future, and for your family.

  • Benefit from homeowner tax deductions.

  • Your interest payments on your home loan may be tax deductible - saving you even more money.

  • Enjoy the freedom and security of homeownership.

  • Become a permanent fixture in your community.


Once you’re pre-qualified, you’ll then be ready to complete the full process from your home or phone - and never step foot in the bank!


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